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Grinding, Squealing and Screeching: Interpreting the Noises Your HVAC Makes

If something is failing or going amiss with your HVAC unit, chances are, your HVAC unit is letting you know something is not quite right. However, most of the cues come in the form of sounds that many of us may overlook. If you hear your HVAC unit grinding, squealing, screeching or squeaking, it is letting you know it needs help. I was unaware of these cues and overlooked them. It ended up costing me a lot of money in repairs. I want to make sure that does not happen to other people, so I made this website. I hope you learn how to interpret the noises your HVAC unit is making so you can get it the repairs it needs before you incur a costly repair, or worse, permanently ruin your unit for good.

Grinding, Squealing and Screeching: Interpreting the Noises Your HVAC Makes

Extra Use Means Extra Wear And Tear -- And Extra Need For Repairs

by Billie Carlson

Were you one of the many people in the country caught by surprise when unusually cold weather rolled in over the past couple of months? The year has been a bit cooler than normal in many regions, and those areas that often have cooler temps well into spring have seen snow. That means furnaces got more of a workout this year, often well after people had thought they'd be necessary.

The extra use means that it's more important than ever to get the furnace inspected and have any repairs taken care of immediately instead of waiting until next fall. As the year goes on and social or physical distancing stays in effect -- and as virus exposure waxes and wanes in unpredictable ways -- waiting to repair your furnace is not really a luxury you have anymore.

Problems Won't Repair Themselves

First, virus aside, your furnace isn't going to repair itself. If it started having problems as you used it more and more in spring, you may as well get the problems repaired now because waiting does nothing. There's no forecast drop in repair prices around the corner, and you won't see discounts on repair prices when the weather starts to get cold again. So, having repairs done now is really a matter of efficiency.

Future Availability Is a Little More Shaky This Year

An issue that is particular to this year is the fact that the future availability of repair appointments is not as stable as it was in previous years. You don't know how many repair people will still be on staff later, nor do you know about availability of parts. Social distancing rules could change again in some unforeseen way.

Right now, you know that repair companies are open and want your business. You know that the companies still have available staff and that many have reasonable amounts of supplies. This isn't meant to scare you at all, but instead is meant to point out that this year really is different, and waiting to have repairs done could create more problems for you that you might not be able to anticipate.

So, if your furnace has started acting up, don't assume a summer break will make things any better. Call a furnace repair company now and get the work done. You will find it a lot easier to get through the year when you don't have these little repairs hanging out on your to-do list.